importance of having a hiring an editor for your writing

Why Hire An Editor?

There’s something valuable to be said about having a fresh set of eyes look at your writing with the objective to  improve it before it goes out to the public eye. It’s great to have friends and family involved in editing your work to save money, but with a professional editor, you have the assurance of receiving honest and professional constructive criticism. There are no hard feelings or biases in the process. A professional editor is simply having a relationship with the words on the screen or paper. If you’d like to know more about the added values of hiring a professional to edit your work, or if you’ve considered hiring an editor, then keep on reading this article.

Hiring an editor doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer

It really doesn’t. I promise. In fact, hiring an editor makes you a  responsible and humble writer. Even the best writers acknowledge that writing is difficult. Sometimes you run out of ideas, sometimes you’re at your wits end, and sometimes you just need that extra support to help you through the fog that can come with writing. When it’s your objective to get your messages across, let an editor help you to find that clarity and organization that you need. If you love to write, but you don’t think you’re the best writer, don’t let  that negative self talk stop you from doing what you love. Maybe you just need some guidance and feedback on how to make your writing better.

Editors alleviate the fear of writing

There’s a great amount of fear involved in writing. This fear can stem from your preconceptions of your audience and also the process it takes to put words together. That’s usually the case with writing for public audiences. But when your work goes to an editor before it is disseminated elsewhere, it’s in safer hands because it won’t be judged or given negative feedback.

Editors have limited involvement with your work

While editors may spend a lot of time with your work to transform your writing into a more polished and clear piece, they are not on the  same level of involvement as you. And that works in your favour. As writers, we tend to think we need to cushion our great ideas with a lot of flowery language and big words in order to impress our audience. But if you are trying too hard to make your writing sound fancy, it becomes painfully obvious and your original message drowns in all that cushioning. Editors are solely concerned with making the ideas stand on their own by making your messages more readable and grammatically correct. When you’ve spent a lot of time and energy with your great ideas, you owe it to yourself to make them more clear and engaging.

Editors notice mistakes that you may not have found on your own

Aside from that grammatical error or typo, editors notice those small details that the writer may not catch. Writing is like dancing the tango. You have to find the right partner and the right sequence of steps in order to make it a well composed piece. Sometimes that means switching partners or steps around. When you’re in the middle of switching words around, you may forget to omit those words that no longer belong in that sentence. Here’s an example:

When and you’re in the middle of switching words around, you may forget to omit those words that no longer belong in that sentence.

Originally, this sentence was longer. That extra word “and” after the word “when” was relevant to the sentence’s original form. Let an editor catch those extra words before your audience does.

Although writing can be a solitary activity, an editor ensures that you’re never alone in the process. There is so much that can be gained and improved just from the collaborative process.  Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to have that added support and collaboration as you put those great ideas on paper!






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