importance of hiring a content writer for your business

Why Outsource Your Content Writing?

Whether you need content for your brochure, bio, blog, or website, you may not be the right person to write the content. It’s not to say  you’re a bad writer, but there is much to be gained from outsourcing a professional content writer who can highlight the professional skills and strengths of yourself and your business. Here are a few reasons why.

Writing about yourself is difficult

Content writers can communicate your value in a way that you may not be able to on your own because of this difficulty to write about yourself.  Writing about yourself is one of those necessary evils that comes with the package of content marketing.  You may be too humble or even too confident to write an accurate and convincing description of yourself.  An approach that I have found to be helpful is to start the process with an interview. The open ended questions in the interview guide my client to find those key points that need to be addressed and highlighted.

Outsourcing your content writing helps you maintain a focus within your industry

The nature of your industry or profession may not allow you much time behind a computer or time with a pen and paper. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have content that aligns with what you do best in your business.  If you’re too caught up with  the finer details in writing good content, then you may lose track of the  focal points of your profession or industry. Keep doing what you do best in your industry and let a content writer take care of the rest.

You may not have the desire to do your own content writing

If you happen to dislike writing, it’s not the solution to  avoid  such an important task.  By outsourcing a content writer, you are ensuring that your story is brought to the forefront in the best way possible. Content writers love writing. They have the  passion and  skill  set to play with words and bring  together a story of an individual or a brand. In addition, they also have a strategy in place to ensure that what in seen is person is also consistent with what is on paper or on the screen. It may seem like another expense to pay for a content writer’s services, but in the long run, it will lead to a greater return on  investment.

You may not have the skills to write persuasively

It simply is not enough to populate a space with content. The content needs to stand out and make a call to action. Content writers can fill in those gaps.  By assessing and examining your goals, content writers strategically create  a meaningful and persuasive story about your business and  yourself as a business professional. Even if you have the skills to write persuasively, you may not have the time to do so because you’re using those great skills towards your work. As you should be. When you rush to populate a space with content, it shows. Eventually, the rushed content can bear a negative reflection of yourself and your business.


If you choose to write your own content, then make sure you do so in a responsible and tactful manner. Remember that you will need the time, skills, focus, and desire to write engaging and persuasive content. Otherwise, if you acknowledge that you can’t commit to creating content, then feel free to get in touch with a content writer such as myself to help you reach your goals!


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