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What to Expect When Working With A Content Writer

Throughout the course of my amazing journey with Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing, there are a few observations I’ve collected. One of these observations is that there’s a lot more to working with a content writer than giving an assignment and then paying a bill. I place a strong emphasis on the word “with.” You’ll see why as you read further. In order to receive quality content that is customized to your preferences and values, the journey to that end result is filled with many important steps along the way.


When you hire a content writer, it’s a collaborative experience. As I mentioned earlier, the word “with” is important to note. Depending on the focus of your industry, your content writer may not know too much about it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t learn. Most content writers, such as myself, love learning. Instead of indulging your sense of hesitation toward a content writer’s capability to present your business, look at their limited knowledge as an opportunity to give your audience exactly what they need: simpler messages that captivate. As Einstein says, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”  Many content writers will be sensible enough to say “no” to a project if they do not feel they are the right fit to fulfill your content needs. I am no exception. When your goal is to reach a wide audience on your product or service, your work with your content writer will help you to achieve that goal by explaining your business in simple, jargon-free terms. The collaborative working relationship can come in many forms: intake interviews about your project, providing constructive feedback on projects, and answering any questions that may arise in a timely manner.

An Open Minded Approach

Along with collaboration, open mindedness is required on both ends of the table. The benefits of open mindedness in business promotes greater productivity and success. I like to consider myself open minded to learning more about your industry the way you want it presented. Another facet of being open minded is getting out of your comfort zone. When you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable you feel, great results can be achieved. With that being said, when you let go of your preconceptions of how your content should be presented, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the results. There is more than one right way to present your content. I repeat, there is more than one way to present your content.

I’m also open minded to receiving feedback. From your end of the table, it is important to have an open mind when you read your new content. Content writers will do everything they can to capture your brand voice but it’s important to be open to the fact that we may not have written your content exactly the way you want it the first time. That is why I always like to include a round of revisions in each of my content writing plans. This inclusion reflects an open minded and an unspoken sense of humility toward our approach.


Content writers are hired to target that common pain point among many business owners: writing. Writing may not be fun but I try to make the process fun and less intimidating. I enjoy conducting the intake interviews to learn about my clients and their business. I treat that time as a conversation rather than an interrogation. I enjoy interacting with my clients and the camaraderie that comes with the process. Most of all, I enjoy hearing my clients’ reactions when they are happy with their content. It may sound selfish on some level but it’s not. I want my clients to look forward to seeing their greatest strengths presented in writing. They work hard and they deserve to see their value captured and presented front and centre.

All these steps combined have the potential to create a rewarding and enjoyable working relationship. While content is a commitment, and it may seem like a lot of work, it’s also an investment that leads you to better connect with your clients and customers. If you would like to join me along this journey toward creating engaging and meaningful content, I invite you to contact me to book your complimentary initial consultation session.

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