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Why “Bad Writers” Should Still Write

Have you ever been called a bad writer before? If so, did this label stop you from writing? I hope not. I’ve met many people who say they love writing but they consider themselves to be bad writers.  I am sure this feeling is  common among the most acclaimed writers. However, persistence, practice, and passion are the three major ingredients toward helping you gain your confidence and improve your writing. No matter what people tell you, no matter how much you doubt yourself, if you want to write, you should write.

Practice makes perfect

Yes it does, especially with writing. The more you immerse yourself in the practice, the more you’ll improve. I truly believe that anyone can write well if the the motivation and dedication to improve is present. Practice until it becomes easier to express your ideas.  If something inspires you, write about it. See where your ideas will take you. An amazing sense of accomplishment and even astonishment can come over you as ideas start to gel together.

The concept of a “bad writer” is a relative one

It’s all relative to the topic, context, and the person who labelled you as a bad writer. Let’s explore each one of these three aspects.

  • Topic:  You may be great at writing on one topic but not so great with another. That’s okay. There’s always room to improve. Maybe you just need to do a bit more research on a topic. You can always do research at your local library or through online sources.
  • Context: Often times people are given this label when they are compared to other writers. Comparison is the thief of joy. Protect yourself and don’t get robbed. Don’t allow other people’s comparisons to deter you from writing. If anything, use those comparisons to help you improve.
  • The person who labelled you as a bad writer:  Whether someone else gave you that label or you gave it to yourself, the label is biased. The label is a biased one even if you’re told that you’re a good writer. However, the bad writer label can often stifle your willingness to improve and grow.


You never know how your words will help someone

What’s great about diversity in the world is that people come from various literacy levels. Words have the capacity to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Maybe some words won’t resonate well with others.  Maybe some will.  A common misconception is that well written material needs to be full of flowery language. But that’s not the case. Sometimes the simplest form of writing can be the most effective. When you have the courage to tell your story, you present yourself an opportunity to connect with others. That in itself can be very powerful.

Writing is a cathartic release

Do you ever notice how much lighter you feel after journalling or writing a list? It’s because you’ve found a way to effectively reorganize the thoughts that have been circling your mind. Continue this practice.  Give yourself the freedom to let any words out. No one is looking at you. No one is judging you. Write as though no one is watching. You’ll build your confidence that way and you may feel better.

You have something valuable to share

The desire to write is a gift in itself. Not many people enjoy it. Not many people have creative ideas. But the world needs more people who keep the fountain of creativity flowing.  Keep that desire alive by continuing to practice your writing. Play around with your ideas until you build the confidence to share them. It might take a few minutes, hours, days, months, or years to release some of those ideas. I speak from experience. I’m sure many writers would feel the same way.

Writing is a challenging but rewarding activity.  It takes dedication and passion to really continue writing. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss, feel free to book a complimentary consultation session.  I’d be honoured to hear your ideas and help you along the way! Or feel free to comment below if you have a question or anything to add.



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