Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing’s Year in Review: 2015

As 2014 was slipping away, I started to plan for 2015. I wanted this year to be the one I  start to make my dreams a reality. After I officially launched Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing this past January, I was equal parts excited and scared. “What’s next?” “What will people think?” “Will I do a good job?”  All of these questions swirled my mind on a constant basis. Even though I’ve come closer to the answers, these questions still remain. To be honest, I’m grateful for that feeling. They are not questions of “what would have happened if I didn’t continue to take this chance?” What has kept me where I am is the the support I’ve received right from the very beginning. From family to friends to community networks who have become like my family and friends.

Kingston Connections

Kingston Connections


Women Mean Business Network, www.womenmeanbusiness.ca

Women Mean Business Network


Through this support, I learned more about my target market and eventually Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing evolved in an amazing way. Most importantly, I connected with some of the most inspiring and creative people I’ve met. My words spread on various platforms. One project I’m especially proud of is my involvement with the Women Mean Business Network’s Flourish Magazine. I’ve realized that this creative energy feeds me. There’s never a right or wrong answer. There are multiple roads to seek an answer. All roads can lead you to where you aim to go. Sometimes you venture the roads that take you in the opposite direction. What’s important is the chance you give yourself to find out where certain roads will lead you and which road is the better one toward success.

When I transitioned from working in healthcare settings, a transition I’ve been craving for so long, many of my close friends and family questioned my career change. While they have good intentions, my heart and head knew that this is what I always wanted to do:research & write.  As it turned out, many of my opportunities were not too far out of the realm of health and wellness. From helping to edit a lovely children’s book on a young girl’s experience with a grandmother who has Alzheimer’s Disease, to writing patient and volunteer profiles for the Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope Program to writing bios for health and wellness professionals, I embraced the familiar with open arms. But the other purpose of Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing is to use my ability to stretch those boundaries and use my skills in research and writing within a diverse range of industries. I  also had a number of opportunities to do that as well and was thrilled to engage in the learning process.

I have never believed the phrase”listen to your heart” more than I do now. It’s part of human nature to be protective of the heart. Many of us can be protective to the point which we keep our heart locked in our chest, not letting the world know what we can truly offer. I’ve done that for many years, finding an uncomfortable comfort in this feeling.  But taking this leap to launch Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing and continue pursuing it has allowed my heart to leap and land right where I want to be. The ability to continue working from the heart is a rewarding feat that requires constant courage and support. Most of all, it’s a risk. It’s a risk I wake up to  every single day, one that I have not regretted. I’ve learned that when you let your heart take you where it wants to go, you bring out the very best of you.

As 2015 slips away and you start to re-evaluate your goals and dreams, I hope you consider taking rewarding chances on yourself and others.  I hope you trust yourself more as you make 2016 an amazing year for yourself.  I  thank my trusted family, friends, business network, and clients for giving me your spoken and unspoken encouragement to release my heart while helping you to share your story.  May you all have a happy and safe holiday season!




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