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Why I Won’t Write Your Student Assignment

When I tell people about the services I provide for students, I am often asked: “Do you write papers and essays for students?” My short answer is: no.  In order to breach those misconceptions about my business and its values, I decided to provide in depth reasons why I don’t provide this service.  Overall, my reasoning for this firm response is to encourage you to be the writer and to earn the results you achieve!

Writing your paper would be a breach of academic integrity

Call me a goody two shoes, but academic dishonesty is not something I support. As a former student and Teaching Assistant, I never saw any benefit in this deception or dishonesty.  I’ve seen too many cases of plagiarism that did not end well. People will try to plagiarize but they never get away with the act. It becomes blatantly apparent that someone else has written a paper or essay. Also, thanks to a handy resource called Turnitin, it becomes easier to see whether work has been properly cited and credited.

I don’t want to write your assignment

I love academia and I love writing. However, I’ve had more than my share of assignments. 2 Bachelor’s degrees, 1 Master’s degree, and 2 theses. Enough said. The good news is that my extensive experience in writing is a solid form of support through my editing services and consultation sessions.

I don’t know your topic better than you know it

There is a reason why you chose your topic. You have a passion or interest to explore, learn, defend, and express this topic. Indulge that interest. Those feelings cannot be mimicked by anyone else but you. It may seem tricky to express it all in writing, but don’t let that difficulty stop you. There’s merit in persistence and hard work. Keep it and hopefully soon enough, you’ll bridge that gap between your ideas and your ability to express those ideas in writing.

Post secondary education is a privilege, not a right

If you have made it this far to be accepted into a post secondary institution, then it means you are capable of writing your own assignments. You’re in a position where you have to prove your capability time and time again. That’s what hard work is all about. Post secondary education equips you with a great deal of skills outside the classroom including: discipline, time management skills, and critical thinking. All of these skills are excellent skills to use toward your assignments.


I hope my reasons have conveyed some clarity and encouragement on this very serious matter. The bottom line is that I want you to garner a sense of self sufficiency in writing your own work. As I said, even though I won’t write your assignments, I’ll make myself available for editing or consultation sessions. I want you to know you’ll have someone who will support your best efforts to writing your assignments. In addition, I have confidence in your ability to write your assignments. And if you need some help staying on time, use this course organizing tool to help you along the way!

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