why it's difficult to write your own bio

Why It’s Difficult To Write Your Own Bio

How often do you write about yourself? Not very often I’m sure. But if you’re a business owner or you’re looking to boost your career, then you need to write about yourself. Better yet, you need to promote yourself. In today’s competitive world of selling yourself or selling your  services, it’s incredibly important to write an honest and compelling bio on your LinkedIn profile,  job application, or website.  If you’re having trouble writing your bio, you’re not alone.  It truly is a difficult task to write about yourself. Here are some reasons why.

You’re too humble to write your bio

Humility is an admirable character trait. However, sometimes humility can be a deterrent in showcasing your strengths and giving yourself the credit you deserve. The end result may turn out to be a bio that says who you are and what you do but it may be devoid of the potential you can bring to the table. When you deprive yourself of the opportunity to sell yourself, you deprive others of  the privilege to work with you.

You’re too confident to write your bio

Yes, there is such a thing as too much confidence. In fact, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. When you come across as too confident by trying to place as many superlatives as possible into one sentence, you start to cross the borders of arrogance. And one hint of arrogance can leave a lasting bitter taste. It’s better to focus on the facts about yourself. Don’t try to dress them up. Let them stand on their own. Your merit will shine when you’ve selected the right experiences that illustrate your strengths.

You have a fear of sounding generic

Most bios have a similar pattern in terms of flow and content. When there are so many people in your industry, it can be easy to sound just like everyone else. In effect, it becomes difficult to stand out. It’s not enough to say you’re creative or motivated. In fact, those are some words that have been overused in bios. Sharing your unique professional experiences  will help you to positively stand out.  No one can have the exact same story or motivations as you. Don’t be afraid to share that story because it could be the one thing that sets you apart in a remarkable way.

You may not see what others see in terms of your strengths and weaknesses

It’s hard for us to really know what people are looking for when we’re selling ourselves. But it never hurts to try our best. When you have someone else write your bio, that person can see the values embedded in your hard work. When I write bios for my clients, I like to start the process with an interview. I ask open ended questions that allow my clients to just describe their experiences. Based on what they say about their work, I focus on extracting the very best details of their work and incorporating them into a bio that speaks true to their professional image.

The bottom line is to remember why you’re writing your bio.  Maybe you wanted to move up in your career, maybe you wanted to gain more connections, or maybe you needed to write one for your job because you’re being recognized for something amazing. Whatever the reason may be, you owe it to yourself to have a stellar bio to sell yourself and your services. If  you need some  help in writing your bio, feel free to contact me to learn more!

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