there's a strong connection between the nature of Chapters bookstores and business blogging

What Chapters Bookstores Can Teach Us About Business Blogging

Chapters bookstores are proclaimed as Canada’s largest bookstore for a reason. They’re enormous. Although you can find a number of books, you will also find an equivalent number of items that are not books. It tends to be a wonderfully distracting place to indulge inspiration as you wander around with your Starbucks tall chai latte. However, the broad range of products shows that they’re onto something, something that could also teach us a lesson or two about business blogging. I use this analogy with my clients who have booked me for blog consultation sessions and it is so amazing and rewarding to see their response. If I’ve piqued your curiosity, then keep reading this blog to learn more.

A convenient and direct call to action

Let’s say you picked up a fancy cookbook and one of the recipes calls for edible flowers. Because those may not be something you’ll have on hand in your kitchen or garden, you will need to buy them. Chapters stores have those available for you. This is just one example of how the wide selection of books can lead you to take further action while maintaining your action under one roof.

* How this relates to business blogging *

Business blogging should contain some form of a call to action. The majority of your posts should contain engaging and informative content that will persuade your readers to take action and do business with you. Here are some ways to make a call to action on your blog to help you convert your visitors into valued clients and customers.

Close attention given to consumer behaviour

Chapters is not just a bookstore. It’s a store that creates a reading and lifestyle experience. While many products do not enhance the reading experience, these products can enhance and organize your lifestyle in the hopes that maybe you will make more time for reading. That’s a beautiful cycle in my opinion.

* How this relates to business blogging *

You don’t need to blog only about the factors that are directly related to your business. To keep things interesting, you can blog about some characteristics of your ideal clients that would bring them to your business. If you’re a florist who is looking to get more business, you don’t necessarily need to blog about flowers alone. Here’s an example of a blog topic that might bring someone to your business: “Top 5 Flowers For This Year’s Wedding Season.” With this example, you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a service. You’re also selling values and expertise embedded in your business. People love to do business with people who have values that mirror their own. You can also write blogs providing tips on how to maintain and complement the lasting benefits of your services. With the florist example, you could write a blog about how to prolong the life of the flowers you purchased.

Making your business relevant all year

Generally, there is no season for reading. But the wide range of products available at Chapters bookstores help to enhance the reading and learning experience all year long. If you’re cuddling up on your couch with a great book on a cold winter day, you might want a nice warm blanket. There’s a Chapters store for that. If you want to try out that new gardening technique you read about, and you want some pretty tools to use, there’s a Chapters store for that. You get the point.

* How this relates to business blogging *

Seasonal content on your business blog draws a relevance to your business all year round. If you’re in the health and wellness industry and you provide solutions for seasonal ailments, then a blog is a great place to attract leads to your services. Seasonal Affective Disorder can be a prime example. If you’re a personal trainer, you could write a blog titled “Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Boost Your Energy Levels With Exercise.” Or if there are certain events throughout the year that can have a direct impact on your business, such as holidays or national days, then you can blog about it. It’s a thoughtful step that shows you truly care about your clients and your business.

Maybe you have a completely different outlook on Chapters bookstores. The main message I want you to take home is that  these lessons can take your business blog to the next level. If you want to know how I can help you for your business blog, then feel free to contact me to book a consultation session!


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