seasonal blog content and evergreen blog content

The Difference Between Seasonal Blog Content and Evergreen Blog Content

There are two different types of content in the great big world of blog content: seasonal blog content and evergreen blog content.  Although both types of content are equally important, each of them have their own set of differences. This blog post covers those differences.

Seasonal Blog Content

Seasonal blog content is relevant during certain times of the year. However, seasonal content is not restricted to weather patterns. You can write content that is linked to a specific cause or occasion. Seasonal content can bind a shared  experience or mentality during certain times of the year.

Examples of seasonal blog topics include:

  • 5 ways to stay in shape during the holiday season
  • The top 10 books of 2012
  • How to offer your support to a caregiver during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Seasonal content tends to have an expiry date. Sometimes it can be relevant every year around the same time or it can only be relevant one year. The advantage to seasonal content is that it structures your blog to have themes. Seasonal content shows that you’re thinking about your market’s consumer behaviour in relation to certain occasions and times of the year. In doing so, you start to gain your market’s trust and commitment to your business.

Evergreen Blog Content

Evergreen blog content  is relevant all year round. It doesn’t matter when you post this type of content. What matters is that you post it.  If there’s a topic that you feel is relevant, then it’s most likely relevant to others as well.

Examples of evergreen blog topics can be:

  • My grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe
  • 10 tips for hosting friends and family in a small apartment
  • How to start a blog on WordPress

One of the major advantages of evergreen blog content is that you can write it at any time of the year. Evergreen blog content can also be shared any time of the year.  This type of content can has the capacity to attract readers no matter what season it is. All your audience needs is a reason to read your content.

Which one is better?

Both. It’s important to have a combination of seasonal and evergreen content in your  blog. Doing so shows that you have a well rounded perspective of your market’s needs and behaviours. There are some topics which are relevant all year round and there are some which are relevant during a certain time of year. If you want to attract a diverse range of clients to your business, then having the right balance of seasonal content and evergreen blog content will achieve that means.

Whether you’re creating seasonal blog content or evergreen blog content, the first step you need to take is to decide which one you’re creating. That first step may simply involve coming up with topics that are relevant to your readers and scheduling your content accordingly.  If you’re in the process of starting a blog,  or you’d like to add more structure to it, I’m here to help. Feel free to contact me   to learn more.

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