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Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing is a unique content writing and editing business in Kingston, ON to help  small to medium sized business owners anywhere in the world. A content writer and editor recognizes the need for business owners to better connect with their clients and customers through meaningful and engaging content. When most people hear the term “objective perspective,” they think of an outsider coming on board to strengthen the quality of a project. An objective perspective can offer valuable insight and approaches which insiders may not have considered. If writing is not your strong point, or if you do not have the time or desire to write your content, then Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing is happy to fill that gap and strengthen your business.

The unique characteristic of Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing lies in the integration of qualitative research methods and approaches. In a nutshell, qualitative research is the presentation of deeper meanings and stories that help an audience to better understand a situation or phenomenon. The situation which a professional content writer and editor presents is your business story, taking the time to understand more about your business and its values. Although writing is the vehicle that conveys your message, the qualitative research methods enhance your end product. Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing captures and integrates your voice into your customized content. The customized content allows your clients and customers to gather a consistency between the content they read and the person they see. With Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing, you can expect to find a trusted friend in business who will always make it a priority to write the very best details about you and your business.



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About Aysha Tayab, Founder of Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing

Writing has always been in the background of everything I have done in my academic and professional career path. The decision to launch Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing in January 2015 was a perfect way to nurture  my passion for writing and helping people in the process.

I earned a Master of Arts Degree in Community Health Sciences with a focus on qualitative research and gerontology. As a qualitative researcher and cultural gerontologist, I relish in the thrill of collecting, synthesizing, and disseminating information in various ways. My ability to communicate fact, inspiration, and emotion is mobilized by my diverse use of the written word. Also, throughout the course of my career, I have always thrived in being an objective perspective. I've used my skills in research as the core foundation that allows me  to engage in a variety of research projects and professional roles. Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing is a continuation of my ability to combine my greatest strengths and better serve you.

I bring my qualitative research skills, my love for writing, and my whole heart, to the operations of Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing. I understand the difficulties and the time commitments involved in writing. I also understand how difficult it can be to write about yourself or your business. With that being said, I aim to provide you with a non-judgemental and enjoyable experience in your content writing journey. Whether  you need a fresh set of eyes to review your content or you would like me to write your content for you, I will be there to provide you with the support you need.

I look forward to the opportunity to write your story and help you better connect with your clients and customers! Contact me to learn more. 


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