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It's important for website content to be engaging and memorable enough to encourage your visitors to meaningfully transition from your Home page all the way to your Contact page, converting your website visitors into clients. After all, you don't just want window shoppers viewing your website.My approach to writing website content involves a collaborative and strategic step-by-step process. The common factor among both plans is to bring the very best details of your business to the spotlight in order to lure your new and existing clients to the core values of your business. 

Fresh Start Website Content Development Plan (starting at $500)

This plan is great for new business owners who want to make a good impression right from the beginning. Here's what it involves:

1. A brief preliminary survey to learn the basic details of your business and your content writing preferences. Completed surveys can be submitted to me in person or through e-mail.
2. A 30-60 minute informational interview to go into greater depth on your business. Questions will be customized in accordance with the responses collected from the survey. We can conduct this interview in person, over the phone, or through Skype.
3. I will write the content and present it to you for your review. 1 round of content revisions is included in this plan.

Website Makeover Plan (starting at $540)

If you have owned a business for some time and your current website isn't providing you with the results you hoped to achieve, don't fret. There's always another chance to get it right. Or if you have changed some aspects of your business, and you want quality content added to your website, then this is the perfect plan for you. Overall, this plan provides you with necessary upgrades for a dynamic and engaging website. Here's what it involves:

1. A 30-60 minute consultation session to learn about the changes you would like on your website. I will also provide you with a brief report of your existing website based on my first glance as a website visitor.
2. An informational interview will be conducted to gather the new information on your business. A customized interview guide will be developed based on the information gathered from our initial consultation session. Interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or through Skype.
3. Existing website content will be edited in accordance with our initial consultation session. Content will be developed and reviewed upon completion. 1 round of content revisions is included in this plan.

Add-on Website Content Features 

  • LinkedIn Bio ($70 when paired with website content, $80 alone)
  • Staff Bio (1 Bio $80, 2 or more Bios $50 each)
  • Monthly Blog Packages (prices will vary based on the frequency of blogging)
  • Package of 10 Blog Articles ($450) 
  • Newsletter ($60 per monthly or quarterly newsletter)
  • Testimonial Writing ( $250 for a package of 10 testimonials)
    • If you're struggling to receive testimonials from your clients, I am here to help. I will briefly  interview 10 of your clients or colleagues who can attest to the strength of your services. Afterwards, I will create concise and impactful testimonials for your business. 

Other Content Writing Services

Prices will vary based on the nature of each project. I provide content writing services for:

  • Blogs
  • Grant applications
  • Magazine articles
  • Creative material
  • Promotional Content: flyers, business letters, and brochures
  • Instructional design content: instructional video scripts, curriculum, and manuals
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