Editing Services

professional editing proof reading services in Kingston

Introductory Student Rate ($20)

This option is available for first time clients who have assignments up to a maximum of 12 double spaced pages. Prices are subject to increase after this offer.

Thesis or Dissertation Editing (price subject to  length, complexity, and desired timeline for editing the document)

Congratulations on tackling the daunting, but rewarding, task of contributing to science! I'm a personal fan. When your main focus is to get those brilliant ideas communicated, the quality of your writing can suffer. There's so much going on in your brain and it can be difficult to clearly construct text. Reduce that unnecessary stress and let your innovative and novel ideas be clearly read!

Website Content Editing ($45 per web page)

If you want to write your own website content, that is great! It’s an even better idea to your content edited. I will edit your website for correct grammar and punctuation. In addition, I will also look at the content in terms of: attention grabbing factor, interest sustaining factor, and call to action viability. These are key elements for effective online content.

Blog Post Editing ($45 per blog post)

Blogs have become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. But if you do not have well written content, you may only hear the proverbial crickets chirping in the background. Instead, earn several rounds of applause on your blog with an editor on your side to make that hard work of content building worth your while.


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