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 Content Writing Questions   faq frequently asked questions for content writing and editing

  • Will you write my assignment for me?

Academic integrity is something that I strongly aim to maintain. In keeping with this value, I will not write  any material that is submitted for a grade. I am happy to help you by editing a first draft or providing a consultation session  to offer my expertise in structuring your content. All content writing projects are reserved for website content writing, grant writing, instructional design manuals and scripts, and all other business  and community related matters.

  • Do you create websites?

I do not create the technical aspects of a website. I do however, create meaningful and engaging content for websites.  As an entrepreneur, I am always eager to help support local businesses. With that being said, I am happy to redirect you to excellent web developers.

This procedure allows me to incorporate your voice into your website content.  Since you are the one who is selling your brand, products, and services, your website visitors are more likely to buy what you're selling if it's coming from you. Although I will be writing your content, you will be the one telling the story. It is important for your content to be as approachable as you are.

Editing Questions

  • I have a paper due in 2 hours. Can you please edit it for me?

I can. However, to receive the best quality support and advice, I would require at least 1 day in advance to edit your work.  Not only will you receive better quality feedback, but this practice will encourage you to make better use of your time by completing your assignment early. Professors and TAs can always tell if you have completed something at the last minute! If you're hesitant about your writing style, keep Objective Perspective Content Writing & Editing in mind and book an editing session in advance.

  • How will you edit my content?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to editing. I will tailor the thoroughness of my editing style to your preferences.  If you choose to submit your document to me electronically, then I will use the Track Changes function on Microsoft Word. This is the preferred method of editing as it facilitates our communication in a much more efficient way for both of us. Once I have submitted your document with my suggested changes, you are free to accept or reject any feedback as you see fit.

  • What subjects can you edit?

I am not limited to  one range of subjects.  While I have background in Community Health Sciences with a focus on Anthropology and Gerontology, that does not necessarily mean that I am limited to edit subjects in the Social Sciences or Humanities. I look at each sentence for its structure and overall flow.  It helps to understand terminology, however it is not a necessary component toward providing my expertise.  Feel free to book a trial with me in order to test the waters with my editing style.

Other Important Questions

  • Do you only provide your services to the Kingston area?

The nature of my work allows me to provide services outside the Kingston area. Meetings can be arranged over the phone, Skype, or through e-mail. It is my goal to ensure that my clients receive quality services at their convenience.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

At this moment, payments can be accepted in person or through e-transfer.

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