tips to help you read content in a meaningful manner.

How To Overcome Content Overload

We’re living in a time commonly known as  the Information Age. As we all know, information is easily available at our fingertips. But that’s where it’s staying. Right at our fingertips but not in our minds.  What’s happening is that we’re facing an extreme case of content overload. The amount of content that is created and shared continues to grow on a daily basis.  That is excellent.  Unfortunately it has come to a point where we’re surfing a tide that has become so strong, making it difficult to keep up with the current and stay current. It’s almost as if our ability to read has gone beyond literacy skills.  Often times, we have the illusion of being too busy to read content. But I refuse to accept that. Not just because I’m content writer, but because I see a lot of  value in taking a responsible role in creating, consuming, and sharing content.   Here are some tips on how you can navigate the web and read content with a greater sense of enjoyment and purpose.

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