Introversion and writing

4 Reasons Why Introverts Thrive From Writing

When I was brainstorming a title for this post, one of the options that came to mind was: “4 Ways Writing is Helpful Toward Introversion.” This title made me cringe and think “well, doesn’t that sound as though introversion is a disease?” I answered my question with an adamant “no!”  on behalf of myself, whom I consider to be an introvert, and all other introverts of the world. The idea that introverts need help to become extroverted is a common misconception. The truth is, many introverts are  experts in helping themselves. At least we like to think we are. Writing is actually one of those powerful mechanisms that help us to do so. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I’m sharing with you how writing has helped me.  I’m sure many other introverts can relate as well.

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